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What Your Brain Has To Do With Love And Lust

Did you know that your brain has a lot to do with love, sex and relationships?  When you become horny and feel like screwing the girl you’re so in love with, or any one of the alluring Escorts Perth Australia, blame it on your brain!

Looking Through The Brain Of Love

Escorts perth australiaA ground-breaking study was conducted by Art Aron, the romantic love guru from Stony Brook University, New York, in order to unravel the mysteries of how the human brain processes love. In other words, his studies are looking inside the brains of partners who are in love with each other.

Aron and his colleagues in research chose couples living together for over 20 years, aside from those who have fallen in love in recent times, as participants. They were surveyed about closeness, romantic love intensity, along with sexual frequency, after which they were made to enter brain scanning machines. To see what’s happening inside their brains real quick, functional MRI was used, their reactions compared – that of new versus the long-time lovers.

The participants were shown images of people they love including those of their close friends as well as long-time acquaintances. This was to make sure that the effects registered in the brain were due to romantic love, and not just affection or familiarity.

Is Neuroscience The Key?

The outcomes revealed that showing the pictures of their partners generated significant responses than the friend and acquaintance pictures. The area of the brain called VTA which has a high concentration of dopamine, showed activity based from the brain scans of both sets of participants.

However, between the two groups, the long-term couples registered the highest levels of romantic love and closeness, their brain activity the same as that of partners newly in love.

This lead the experts to believe that neuroscience, a science dealing with the structure or function of the nervous system and brain, may hold the key to lifelong passionate love. From the same study, it found that at least around 5 to 12 percent of couples had lasting romantic love, as shown through the brain imaging studies. Aron himself had collaborated with his wife of 37 years in his studies on this aspect. She’s likewise a researcher at Stony Brook.

What Hinders The Love To Last

From research, most experts point to kids as the main factor for a decline in marital satisfaction. As parents, they tend to prioritise children over their own needs while they’re still young and dependent. Yet, as kids all grow up and start leaving the home, the couples regain the time they have for each other, rebuild the friendship and intimacy.

You may still be young today and enjoying life with your dame and sometimes, with the eye-catching Escorts Perth Australia. But, once you found ‘the one’, you’d know it’s your brain’s handiwork that makes your love (and lust) for each other last forever.



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