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Top 4 Turn-Offs to Avoid When On a Date

Let’s say you’re in the middle of a date with a gorgeous babe, and then – without warning – her smile disappears, and she goes silent, her expression slightly annoyed, if not simply blank. If you’ve experienced this at some point, then you know the date just took a turn for the worse. It’s different if you’re with one of the escorts Perth Australia you find online, but that won’t always be the case.

Escorts perth australiaSadly, what may be okay for one woman might be offensive for another; in other words, you can’t be sure what will turn your date off and what won’t. Fortunately, there are some turn-offs they all share, so if you know what they are, you can avoid them and keep your date from giving you the cold shoulder. Here are a few examples.

Falling into either extreme. Ladies don’t like it when a bloke is overly cocky or else overly sensitive, and with good reason. While it’s good for men to be in touch with their emotions, it won’t do to be the one crying at the sad part in a film, or crying more than she is. How are you going to make her feel better if you feel down yourself?

As for being cocky, it’s obvious why this would be a turn-off. Acting like you have it all  and can do whatever you want won’t endear you to anyone, let alone your date.

Lack of manners. This is another reason why overconfidence is a turn-off – when you act cocky, you’re likely to forget your manners. There’s a fine line between being self-assured while treating, say, restaurant waitstaff properly, and treating said waitstaff as if they’re a lower species. If you don’t know your manners, you can expect her not to reply to your texts or return your calls.

Unstimulating conversation. In general, the ladies like it if you can keep pace with them when it comes to discussions, or else if you can keep the conversation interesting by staying on topics they enjoy. The ability to steer conversations toward topics you know she’ll find interesting may take some practice, but it’s worth it.

Just pay attention to how she acts while you’re talking. If she loosens up and looks genuinely interested, chances are she enjoys that topic. On the other hand, if she looks uninterested or even bored, it’s a sign you need a new topic.

Insecurity. As mentioned earlier, being full of yourself is a sure way to turn her off. The same thing goes for if you’re too insecure. It’s not the most attractive trait for a bloke, and may be a big reason she’ll turn you down for a second date. So carry yourself well, or nervousness – if not insecurity – will show.

The above are the biggest turn-offs for ladies, so again, make sure you avoid them. If you need to practice, you can always browse online for escorts Perth Australia to help you out.



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