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The 4 Major Blunders That Most Men Make During Sex

All of us want to make sex as good as it can be for us and our partners. However, there will be times that no matter how hard we try, when we just mess up things, whether through our own stupidity, or through an honest mistake. So, here’s a list of the major blunders that men make, and should avoid, during sex.

Being Too Aggressive During Sex

Escorts perth australiaWhile some women like rough sex, either all the time or once in awhile, on average sex tends to be something special, and most women would like you to treat it that way.  Just ask any lady out there, including your favourite Escorts Perth Australia, and they’’ all say that they hate it when guys get too aggressive during sex!

This means that guy should not pump away too aggressively without her encouragement, and not move around too roughly during sex. And if you want to show how much of a man you are by being a bit dominant, please do it with firmness and kindness rather than by flinging her around the bed like a rag doll!

Sticking to the Same Old Sex Position Every Time You Make Love

Sure, you do not have to try out all the adventurous and challenging positions you can find on the Worldwide Web, but a bit of variation really adds spice and flavour to your sex life. Even if you are extremely fond of let’s say the man on top position, sex in the rear entry or side by side should let you see things very differently, and could get you much more aroused, and will provide different sensations too!

Pushing Your Partner to Do Something She Isn’t Comfortable With

If you’ve been trying to do that sex position you just saw in some porn flick, forget it. Instead, start from a more realistic place, because she’s not likely going to feel happy if you ask her to put her ankles behind her ears while you have sex!

And if you treat her like one of those porn stars, she is not going to be  too happy either, especially if you ejaculate over her without her consent, or use dirty talk that is disrespectful to her, as well as wanting to slap her butt but she isn’t into it!

Being Too Much of a Gentleman

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with being a gentleman, sometimes if you overdo it (especially when having sex), it removes the fun and excitement in bed!

For example, if you think that being on top of your girlfriend, or lovely Escorts Perth Australia might squash her, the truth is that a lot of ladies actually like to feel the weight of their man on top of them during sex (As it makes them feel safe, secure and loved!)



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