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Escorts Perth Australia – The Easy-to-Follow, Expert-Approved Guide to Using Condoms

If you say that you’re well-versed with talking about sex, then I guess I should be asking you this question – Do you know how to put on a condom? It may sound like a weird, or out-of-place question, because putting condoms on penises or dildos may probably seem straightforward. However, according to a Planned […]

Escorts Perth Australia – 3 More Reasons Why Nobody is an Expert at Shower Sex

Perhaps you may have already read, or heard, a number of arguments related to shower sex already. Well here’s more! I am pretty sure that everyone who writes a steamy hot shower sex scene is also someone who has probably never had sex before, or maybe they’re a person who only sleeps with obsessively tidy, […]

Top 4 Turn-Offs to Avoid When On a Date

Let’s say you’re in the middle of a date with a gorgeous babe, and then – without warning – her smile disappears, and she goes silent, her expression slightly annoyed, if not simply blank. If you’ve experienced this at some point, then you know the date just took a turn for the worse. It’s different […]

The 4 Major Blunders That Most Men Make During Sex

All of us want to make sex as good as it can be for us and our partners. However, there will be times that no matter how hard we try, when we just mess up things, whether through our own stupidity, or through an honest mistake. So, here’s a list of the major blunders that […]

Escorts Perth Australia – The Top Standing Sex Positions of Today

Sexual pleasure is not something that should only be reserved or confined to the mattress. Well, sex shouldn’t be confined at all, thus you should do it standing too! Here’s a look at a few of the best and most popular standing sex positions today. Just bear in mind that some of these positions require […]

What Your Brain Has To Do With Love And Lust

Did you know that your brain has a lot to do with love, sex and relationships?  When you become horny and feel like screwing the girl you’re so in love with, or any one of the alluring Escorts Perth Australia, blame it on your brain! Looking Through The Brain Of Love A ground-breaking study was […]

Escorts Perth Australia – Threesomes, and How They Can Be Beneficial to Your Relationship

If you’ve been in a serious romantic relationship for quite some time already, and you would like to make things a little more refreshing or exciting, perhaps you and your partner should do something much wilder, like a threesome! Before you start calling me a looney (or Lucifer), here’s a take at the major benefits […]

3 Myths About Female Sexuality That Most Guys Often Think Are True

Most guys today would like to think of female sexuality as something that’s purely romantic and mysterious. Well, the truth is that it’s neither any of the two! Here’s an eye-opening look at 3 popular myths about female sexuality that most guys often think are true, but they should need to stop believing in! Women […]

Escorts Perth Australia – 2 Absurd Sex Myths That Are Actually True

Sex myths – can’t we just get enough of them? The various myths and fallacies about sex have been around us for centuries already, and these range from the bizarre sex beliefs of the Puritans to the truly absurd ideas of the Victorian era, and many more. However, what’s surprising is that there are actually […]

Escorts Perth Australia – New Study Reveals That Women Are Drawn To Men With Deep Voices

If you think that women today are simply drawn to men who have broad shoulders, chiseled abs or muscular arms, think again. It’s because a new study reveals that women are also drawn to men with deep voices, but find them attractive only for short flings! Oh my, I guess I need to reconfigure my […]

Escorts Perth Australia – Three Reasons Why Broke Guys Are Much Better in Bed

Who says that money is everything? When it comes to getting laid, more and more relationship experts are saying that broke guys (or obviously, guys who don’t have work, and thus have no income) are actually the most sexually experienced in bed, and are much better than their upper-income counterparts! Here’s a fun yet serious […]

Escorts Perth Australia – The World’s Kinkiest Cities for the Discriminating Sex Tourist

If you’re planning that long-cherished erotic holiday of sorts this 2017, well the good news is that you’re not the only one who’s planning to travel for sex! According to travel experts, more people are opting to become “libertine” tourists today , and they don’t just  go hopping from one city to another to search […]

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