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Escorts Perth Australia – Top Reasons She’ll Reject You

When it comes to dating, rejection is something everyone is afraid of, for different reasons. Often, you’ll find yourself being rejected by the hot babe you’ve been eyeing for some time. However, that’s no reason to just give up, say some of the lovely courtesans at Escorts Perth Australia. Nor is it a sign that you’re doomed to be rejected all your life.

Most of the time, the reason she tells you ‘no’ is simple. You can only do so much when it comes to controlling the outcome, so here’s a list of the most common reasons for rejection.Escorts Perth Australia

  1. Bad hygiene. You don’t want to be seen with someone best described as ‘scruffy’, now would you? The point is, she wouldn’t want that, either. You don’t have to show up at the bar looking like a millionaire, but that doesn’t mean you have to skip the shower. Just take care of the basics – that is, your hair, teeth, and your clothes – and you should be okay.
  1. Bad luck. She could be having a bad day, or simply misinterpreted your words. She could also have just turned you down, no questions asked. Whatever the reason and however she does the rejecting, there’s nothing to do but accept it. Give her some time and wait until she’s in a better mood before trying again, or turn your attention to someone else.
  1. Lack of chemistry. She could be after pure physical attraction or chemistry in the bedroom. Whichever it happens to be, the spark just isn’t there. If this is the case, then it’s better for you not to force the issue, or you’re going to keep being rejected.
  1. Confidence. Women are drawn to men who carry themselves confidently. If you walk with purpose and keep your chin up, your chances of scoring are higher. Being nervous in some way, on the other hand, lessens those chances.

In the same way, you jeopardise your chances by being cocky. Know what you’re good at and let your actions speak for you instead of talking about yourself, and she’ll notice all the same. Brag about your achievements, and she’ll want to get as far away as possible – the sooner, the better.

So practice and change what you have to, and even the ladies at Escorts Perth Australia can’t turn you down.



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