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Escorts Perth Australia – Three Reasons Why Broke Guys Are Much Better in Bed

Who says that money is everything? When it comes to getting laid, more and more relationship experts are saying that broke guys (or obviously, guys who don’t have work, and thus have no income) are actually the most sexually experienced in bed, and are much better than their upper-income counterparts! Here’s a fun yet serious look at why these blokes are good in bed.

They Make up For Their Lack of Money  Ask any of your hookup partners, as well as your preferred Escorts Perth Australia, if they go for happy-go-lucky guys who don’t give a crap about work, but look real good, and are so well-endowed in bed?

Whether you believe what I say or not in this article, the three reasons listed here are not trumped-up assumptions, but are actually backed by science! According to one sex expert, if a lower-income guy pursues a girl, he is likely going to want to show her that he has some impressive skills in the bedroom, if only to compensate for his utter lack of cash”! These broke guys are also more likely to be more focused on the quality of life than a life of luxury, and that quality of life probably includes great, frequent sex!

They’re Less Stressed

And since broke guys don’t have work, it would seem very likely that they’ll be less stressed about work! A recent study has found out that 56% of men who bring less money than their wives claimed to have “hot” or “very good” sex lives, in comparison to their higher-earning counterparts!

They’re Less Likely to Cheat

Another study has also found out that people of a higher social class are more likely to cheat and lie, as compared to their financially deadbeat counterparts. Well, for most women, one of their biggest turn-ons in bed is confidently knowing that their guy only has eyes (and hands, or other things) for them, even if they’re broke!

But then again, I guess you’re not broke, which means that dating the lovely and sultry Escorts Perth Australia shouldn’t pose much of a financial problem for you!



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