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Escorts Perth Australia – The World’s Kinkiest Cities for the Discriminating Sex Tourist

If you’re planning that long-cherished erotic holiday of sorts this 2017, well the good news is that you’re not the only one who’s planning to travel for sex! According to travel experts, more people are opting to become “libertine” tourists today , and they don’t just  go hopping from one city to another to search of young girls or sleazy street walkers.  In fact, the libertines are more into swinging, threesomes and sex parties! Here’s a peek at a few of the world’s kinkiest cities for the most discriminating sex tourist.

Berlin, Germany  If you’re planning an erotic romp in Western Europe this 2017, perhaps you should include the German capital, Berlin, in your itinerary. But if work and business won’t allow you to travel overseas yet, don’t worry, for you can still have a wonderful time at home, with the lovely and sexy Escorts Perth Australia!

Berlin is hailed for its very kinky cabarets, and it’s not called the “world’s biggest brothel” for nothing. In fact, the city legalized prostitution in 2002, thus making it a hotbed for brothels, happy-ending massage parlours, kinky cabarets like the infamous KitKat club, and lots of swinger’s clubs!

Bangkok, Thailand

Perhaps everyone knows that Bangkok is one of the seediest cities on earth. However, Bangkok is not just a place for pedophiles or stereotypical sex tourists who are on the lookout for young prostitutes, but it’s also home to innovative fetish bars and clubs like the Black Pagoda, a dark bar where fishnets and “kitty whips” are a requirement.

There’s even a bar called Demonia, where you can “rethink your lifestyle with a mistress, sub or anything in between”! What’s good about Bangkok is that you can explore your kinky side in private, at truly affordable prices (some run as cheap as US$30 for an escort girl!)


If you think the Southeast Asian city-state of Singapore is super strict and stiff, well there are actually a lot of cool places to visit there, especially the ones that offer truly great erotic delights!

Well, the city has the Orchard Towers, which is famously called the “Four Floors of Whores”, which is an entertainment complex where men can come and pick up escort girls in a more casual manner than through brothels. But if you can’t leave for Singapore or Berlin just yet, why don’t you call the lovely and sultry Escorts Perth Australia instead?



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