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Escorts Perth Australia – The Top Standing Sex Positions of Today

Sexual pleasure is not something that should only be reserved or confined to the mattress. Well, sex shouldn’t be confined at all, thus you should do it standing too! Here’s a look at a few of the best and most popular standing sex positions today. Just bear in mind that some of these positions require study, flexibility, imagination and patience!

The Hanging Garden

 Escorts perth australiaHere’s a standing sex technique that you could possibly try out with your girlfriend, or with the hot and sexy Escorts Perth Australia, and it’s called Escorts Perth Australia! This standing sex position requires no furniture and no further props, and as such it can be performed anywhere!

Quite simply, the couple are face to face, the guy supports her under her buttocks, while she wraps her legs around his waist, and adds to the support by wrapping her hands around his neck.

What’s best about The Hanging Garden is that it’s considered an energetic and bold position for passionate lovers, and it’s also hailed as a wonderful way for guys to take control. and show off a bit. The downside however is that it requires hard work, and definitely favours stronger guys and lighter ladies. In addition, the guy will need to have pretty good balance!

The Wheelbarrow

While this one’s not a certainly sexy term or name for a standing sex position, it is actually a very sexy position, as it is perfect for couples who are looking for some experimentation, and who are in search for something less serious from their sex lives!

Here, the woman starts in a press-up position, and then the guy can slip between her legs, take hold of her ankles or thighs, and lift her lower body off the floor. He holds her there and begins to penetrate while she supports her torso with her arms.

While this one’s certainly worth doing by couples who are in search of unique things to do, it is for reasonably strong couples, and it doesn’t really encourage very deep penetration. Thus, your girlfriend, or lovely Escorts Perth Australia may not be too satisfied with this move!



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