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Escorts Perth Australia – The Easy-to-Follow, Expert-Approved Guide to Using Condoms

If you say that you’re well-versed with talking about sex, then I guess I should be asking you this question – Do you know how to put on a condom? It may sound like a weird, or out-of-place question, because putting condoms on penises or dildos may probably seem straightforward. However, according to a Planned Parenthood survey, many guys don’t actually put on a condom correctly!  Here are a couple of easy-to-follow, expert-approved tips on using condoms.Escorts perth australia

Check the Expiry Date

Whether you’re in bed with a long-time partner, or with a chick you picked up at the bar, or with your preferred Escorts Perth Australia, you should first check on your condom expiry date, and not the person you’re about to have sex with!

Why? Because condoms do expire, hence you should check its expiry date. If the last time you stocked up was a year ago, then you might want to restock again.  The date will obviously be on the condom wrapper, so check there before you turn the lights off, or it could get real awkward!

Use Scissors

When I say that you use scissors, I’m  not referring to a new sex move, but what I’m saying is that instead of ripping open the condom wrapper with your hands or teeth, which could cause the rubber to rip, you should instead use scissors!

Ensure That it’s Not Inside Out

Now, this is where things could get tricky. The rim of the condom, which is the part that ends up further from the tip of the penis, should be on the outside of the tip of the condom. If you need to unroll it a little bit, you should ensure that when you move your hand downward from the tip it unrolls,  so that will help you make sure it’s on the right way!

And as the folks from Planned Parenthood instructs, make sure that you throw away a condom if you or your partner accidentally unroll it inside out.

Don’t try to put the same condom on in the correct way, or there could end some pre-ejaculate on the outside of the rubber, which could accidentally impregnate your hookup buddy, or your favourite Escorts Perth Australia!



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