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Escorts Perth Australia – The Art of Role Playing

Role-playing is one of the best ideas that could spice up any relationship. For as long as the two of you is willing, then there is nothing that could stop you. Even if you’re married, dating or even if you’re just having sex with an escort, you still need extra fire in the bedroom.

Escorts Perth AustraliaThrough role-playing, you can easily introduce excitement into your sex life. The best thing about this new trick, you can try it with the girls from Escorts Perth Australia. With them, you will have the most memorable night that will surely go down in history.

Curious? If yes, then here are a number of characters that you could portray with your sultry temptress. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

1. The Boss and the Secretary

This is one of the many roles where one person has the ultimate power and the other one is completely helpless. This fantasy will work best when you will play the boss and your sexy escort would be the secretary. Since the paperwork is already piling up, it’s about time that the two of you take care of that overdue work.

Guess what! With one being the dominant and the other submissive, this is the great way to introduce sexual bondage. Give it a try!

2. The Hitchhiker

It is time to let go of your inhibitions and take the role playing fantasy out of the house! This naughty classic will combine the excitement of car sex and the added risk of picking up a ‘stranger’.

The plan is to arrange for you and your partner to meet somewhere — a trip from one place to another. However, the deal here is not to be specific where the other would wait since this will increase the anticipation.

3. Teacher and Pupil

Perhaps a savvy and hot college professor has this thing for a sexy sophomore hanging on his every word. Else, it may be a fresh-out-of-college high school teacher that cannot handle a misbehaving student. Whichever the reason might be, this student must be punished… in bed!

4. Maid in action

You are the man of the house and surely, you need to keep your house in shape. What’s the best thing to do? How about you call your very own French maid cleaning service!

Imagine to your surprise when you have this hot female escort, in her sexy French maid outfit, show up in your doorstep. The fun doesn’t end there! Without any question, she’ll get going with the dirtiest kind of cleaning you have ever seen!

5. Doctors and Nurses

This scenario might be a little cliché, but there is reason why this is such an all time favourite. When role playing as a nurse or a doctor, you get to do a lot of touching. This can begin innocently and professionally, then escalade to the two of you getting more and more intimate. This sexual escapade would make you wish you had a bad tummy!

As you can see, there are a number of steamy role playing ideas, some are innocent and some are far more sensual. All you have to do is make these sexual fantasy real with the lovely goddesses of Escorts Perth Australia. Choose from one or two kinky characters and have the most erotic night to date!


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