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Escorts Perth Australia – New Study Reveals That Women Are Drawn To Men With Deep Voices

If you think that women today are simply drawn to men who have broad shoulders, chiseled abs or muscular arms, think again. It’s because a new study reveals that women are also drawn to men with deep voices, but find them attractive only for short flings! Oh my, I guess I need to reconfigure my dry, husky voice! Let’s read further to find out what the new study reveals.

It All Goes Back To Evolution

 www.escortsperthaustralia.comDoes your girlfriend, or your hot and sultry, have the hots for men who have deep voices? Because if they do, then I guess you may need Escorts Perth Australia to do away with that crappy, mouse-like voice, or else they’ll be leaving you any time soon!

According to researchers from McMaster University in Ontario, Canada, while broad shoulders, muscular arms and chiselled abs can attract attention from the opposite sex, it’s the guy’s deep voice that helps seal the deal. The study’s lead author says that the reason for this goes back to evolution, as our ancestors  were also looking for the best match to help them make the healthiest babies, and look after the family.

However, Men With Deep Voices Are Only Good For Short Flings

If you have a deep voice, don’t celebrate too quickly just because the study says that women prefer your kind. It’s because the researchers noted that while women are drawn to men with deep voices, they find them attractive only for short flings, because these types of men also come off as cheaters!

However, health experts have noted that men with lower-pitched voices have higher testosterone levels, and they’re more likely to be healthy, dominant and of high social status. The study team further added that “like a strong body frame, a masculine face and symmetrical features, a low-pitched voice signals a good candidate”.

A guy’s voice pitch is also a cue as to how good a mate a man is in terms of genetic quality, the researchers added. They further noted that lower-pitched voices often have “good” genes, and that’s what most women are picking up.

Perhaps you could share this interesting piece of information with your hookup partner, as well as your favourite  Escorts Perth Australia, so that you’ll be able to find out if they truly agree with the findings!



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