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Escorts Perth Australia – Different Ways to Do the Doggy

X8ErScmoY4cGoing at it doggy-style is something that both men and women love. For men, there’s something incredibly hot about doing it in behind. For women, they can let go and let passion take control, which can be liberating for some. The ladies at Escorts Perth Australia are no different.

However, just because you and your partner feel the same way about doggy-style sex, it doesn’t mean you can just go at it the same way each time. Here are a few ways you can make come-from-behind sex better.

  • Move closer. Make the session last longer by pulling her close enough to play with her breasts when you get the urge to move your hands from her hips. Not only does it mean all your erogenous bases are covered, but it means you taking shorter strokes. It’ll be more likely that when she’s ready to come, so are you.
  • Stand up. Standing doggy-style will create different sensations, as will entering her while you’re standing and she’s on all fours. Making sure her cunt is at roughly the same height as your cock will make entrance easy, and ensure you don’t slip out completely.

Her being on all fours also gives you great control over how deep you want to go, how hard or fast you thrust, and so on. It also makes it easier for her to make eye contact with you. Speaking of eyes, the view you get in this position might be enough to push you over the edge.

  • Close those legs. Usually, you’ll want her to spread those thighs so you can get in good and deep. With doggy-style, you can change it up by asking her to keep her legs closer together. This will help your cock hit her sweet spots without too much strain on your end, and create a tighter fit. Do try not to finish too soon, though.
  • Get her on her belly. If she lies down on the mattress and you enter her from behind, it will be enough to bring her to the edge real quick. Your penis is sure to stroke the front wall and her G-spot, while the pressure on her clit, thanks to the mattress, adds to her pleasure.

Even if you don’t have a long-term partner, you can always browse the gallery at Escorts Perth Australia, and find your perfect sex goddess.


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