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Escorts Perth Australia – 3 More Reasons Why Nobody is an Expert at Shower Sex

Perhaps you may have already read, or heard, a number of arguments related to shower sex already. Well here’s more! I am pretty sure that everyone who writes a steamy hot shower sex scene is also someone who has probably never had sex before, or maybe they’re a person who only sleeps with obsessively tidy, Mr. Clean types! Here’s a look at a few more reasons why nobody is an expert at shower sex.

It’s Like Waterboarding

Escorts perth australiaBefore you suggest that you do something acrobatic in the shower with your girlfriend, or with the hot and sizzling Escorts Perth Australia, remember that sex should be a happy, marvellous activity, and adding challenges can be cool thing sometimes, but not when those challenges include actual survival!

Trying to avoid getting a face full of shower blast truly sucks, just ask those poor Iraqi captives who endured weeks and months of waterboarding during the Gulf War in the year 2000! If you have long hair that gets wet and hangs all over your breathing holes, then that creates more obstacles!

It’s Slippery as Hell

Sometimes, showers come equipped with a small resting perch, which should be of great help for old people, as well as for rich, lazy folk. So, if you see a lawn chair in someone’s shower for no reason at all, you probably don’t need to be shagging someone who is so clearly next-level lazy to stand up while they’re washing their ass!

Water Makes for a Poor Lube Substitute

Here’s another reason why shower sex sucks – water is not lube, and it definitely makes for a poor lube substitute too. In fact, water does a truly damn good job of washing away any kind of lubrication so easily.

Ironically, water usually creates extra friction too, which is not of the fun type, and therefore threatens to leave your girlfriend, or lovely and sexy Escorts Perth Australia’s lady area pretty sore!



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