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Escorts Perth Australia – 3 Hot Ideas On How To Keep Your Sex Life Up and Running During The Winter

It’s December, and if you live somewhere in the northern hemisphere, the temperatures during this time should be quite – freezing! But just because temperatures are dipping does not mean that your bedroom trysts have to follow suit too. And unless you have a long  winter holiday planned already, it’s likely that you’ll be staying more indoors during this time. Here are 3 sizzling ideas on how to stay hot, and keep your sex life running during the winter season.

Play Some Wicked Games To keep things truly hot and sizzling inside the bedroom, regardless of whether you’re with a  romantic partner, or with the gorgeous Escorts Perth Australia, why not play a couple of wicked games! One good example would be to do some “wax play”, by using massage candles.

Wax play is defined as “a form of temperature play that’s practised in the BDSM context”. The idea of wax play is to introduce a slightly burning sensation to the skin. However, if done wrong, wax play can cause burns that are severe enough, and may require prompt medical attention!

Cosy Up to Each Other

And like in any other chilly, freezing setting, the key to keeping warm is to maximise the surface area of your body covered by warmth. Sex experts suggest that you and your partner have sex using the spoon position, with your legs intertwined and her  hands on your front, as this will leave a minimum of skin that’s exposed to the elements (or I mean the freezing temperature!).

But if natural warmth is not enough for the two of you, you can actually use an electric blanket between your bodies, if only to add some heat to your bedsheets!

Warm Up Your Toys

If you’re using sex toys in the bedroom with your partner, perhaps it would be nice if you warm them up too! You can put any waterproof sex toys in warm (but not boiling) water to warm them up, before using them in bed.

The warm feel of your silicone or metal sex toys should make things extra hot and sizzling during this chilly periods, especially if you feel them against your erogenous zones!  And I bet your girlfriend, or lovely and sexy Escorts Perth Australia would love the feeling of a warm sex toy  during the holidays!



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