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Escorts Perth Australia – 2 Absurd Sex Myths That Are Actually True

Sex myths – can’t we just get enough of them? The various myths and fallacies about sex have been around us for centuries already, and these range from the bizarre sex beliefs of the Puritans to the truly absurd ideas of the Victorian era, and many more. However, what’s surprising is that there are actually a couple of sex myths and urban legends that are actually true. Here’s a look at a few of them.

The Orgasm Pill

Ask any lady out there, including your preferred Escorts Perth Australia, if they believe that the  ”Orgasm Pill” exists, and you’ll be surprised to find out that they too have heard of something like that! Well, the orgasm pill was once considered a myth, until the discovery that a prescription pill which can actually give ladies (and even men) an instant orgasm!

Health experts say that clomipramine, an antidepressant in use since the 60s can actually help women get an orgasm. The pill however, can cause weight gain, nausea and oddly enough, impotence in men!

The Digit Ratio Theory  Have you ever heard of the idea that you can tell if a guy is gay, just by looking at his fingers? This is actually referred to as the “Digit Ratio Therapy”, and it says that comparing the size of your index finger and ring fingers can tell whether a guy is destined to one day make out with another guy!

Well, the truth is that there’s actually something called a Digit Ratio Therapy, and multiple studies have confirmed it too. Apparently, if you have a longer ring finger, it means that you have more testosterone as a fetus and are more likely to be hyperactive, aggressive and disgusted by looking at cute guys!

A longer index finger on the other hand means the guy has more estrogen, making him more neurotic and sensitive. So, if your index finger is way longer than your ring finger, you’re likely to be the gayest dude in town!

And if you think that a guy’s dick can’t get stuck in a swimming pool filter, the truth is that you can actually get your junk stuck there! In fact, police in Lakeland, Florida responded to call from the Scottish Inn Motel, because the clerk called 911 when he discovered that a customer’s crotch got stuck in the humming pool filter, and was unable to free himself!

Got any sex myths or urban legends to share with your girlfriend, or with the lovely and alluring Escorts Perth Australia? I guess it would be real fun if you try dissecting the truth from the lies, in each of the sex myths you discuss!



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