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Escorts Perth Australia – The Easy-to-Follow, Expert-Approved Guide to Using Condoms

If you say that you’re well-versed with talking about sex, then I guess I should be asking you this question – Do you know how to put on a condom? It may sound like a weird, or out-of-place question, because putting condoms on penises or dildos may probably seem straightforward. However, according to a Planned […]

Escorts Perth Australia – 3 More Reasons Why Nobody is an Expert at Shower Sex

Perhaps you may have already read, or heard, a number of arguments related to shower sex already. Well here’s more! I am pretty sure that everyone who writes a steamy hot shower sex scene is also someone who has probably never had sex before, or maybe they’re a person who only sleeps with obsessively tidy, […]

Top 4 Turn-Offs to Avoid When On a Date

Let’s say you’re in the middle of a date with a gorgeous babe, and then – without warning – her smile disappears, and she goes silent, her expression slightly annoyed, if not simply blank. If you’ve experienced this at some point, then you know the date just took a turn for the worse. It’s different […]

The 4 Major Blunders That Most Men Make During Sex

All of us want to make sex as good as it can be for us and our partners. However, there will be times that no matter how hard we try, when we just mess up things, whether through our own stupidity, or through an honest mistake. So, here’s a list of the major blunders that […]

Escorts Perth Australia – The Top Standing Sex Positions of Today

Sexual pleasure is not something that should only be reserved or confined to the mattress. Well, sex shouldn’t be confined at all, thus you should do it standing too! Here’s a look at a few of the best and most popular standing sex positions today. Just bear in mind that some of these positions require […]

What Your Brain Has To Do With Love And Lust

Did you know that your brain has a lot to do with love, sex and relationships?  When you become horny and feel like screwing the girl you’re so in love with, or any one of the alluring Escorts Perth Australia, blame it on your brain! Looking Through The Brain Of Love A ground-breaking study was […]

Escorts Perth Australia – Threesomes, and How They Can Be Beneficial to Your Relationship

If you’ve been in a serious romantic relationship for quite some time already, and you would like to make things a little more refreshing or exciting, perhaps you and your partner should do something much wilder, like a threesome! Before you start calling me a looney (or Lucifer), here’s a take at the major benefits […]

3 Myths About Female Sexuality That Most Guys Often Think Are True

Most guys today would like to think of female sexuality as something that’s purely romantic and mysterious. Well, the truth is that it’s neither any of the two! Here’s an eye-opening look at 3 popular myths about female sexuality that most guys often think are true, but they should need to stop believing in! Women […]

Escorts Perth Australia – 2 Absurd Sex Myths That Are Actually True

Sex myths – can’t we just get enough of them? The various myths and fallacies about sex have been around us for centuries already, and these range from the bizarre sex beliefs of the Puritans to the truly absurd ideas of the Victorian era, and many more. However, what’s surprising is that there are actually […]

Escorts Perth Australia – New Study Reveals That Women Are Drawn To Men With Deep Voices

If you think that women today are simply drawn to men who have broad shoulders, chiseled abs or muscular arms, think again. It’s because a new study reveals that women are also drawn to men with deep voices, but find them attractive only for short flings! Oh my, I guess I need to reconfigure my […]

Escorts Perth Australia – Three Reasons Why Broke Guys Are Much Better in Bed

Who says that money is everything? When it comes to getting laid, more and more relationship experts are saying that broke guys (or obviously, guys who don’t have work, and thus have no income) are actually the most sexually experienced in bed, and are much better than their upper-income counterparts! Here’s a fun yet serious […]

Escorts Perth Australia – The World’s Kinkiest Cities for the Discriminating Sex Tourist

If you’re planning that long-cherished erotic holiday of sorts this 2017, well the good news is that you’re not the only one who’s planning to travel for sex! According to travel experts, more people are opting to become “libertine” tourists today , and they don’t just  go hopping from one city to another to search […]

Escorts Perth Australia – 3 Hot Ideas On How To Keep Your Sex Life Up and Running During The Winter

It’s December, and if you live somewhere in the northern hemisphere, the temperatures during this time should be quite – freezing! But just because temperatures are dipping does not mean that your bedroom trysts have to follow suit too. And unless you have a long  winter holiday planned already, it’s likely that you’ll be staying […]

Escorts Perth Australia – Top Reasons She’ll Reject You

When it comes to dating, rejection is something everyone is afraid of, for different reasons. Often, you’ll find yourself being rejected by the hot babe you’ve been eyeing for some time. However, that’s no reason to just give up, say some of the lovely courtesans at Escorts Perth Australia. Nor is it a sign that […]

Escorts Perth Australia – Internet Porn: Is It To Blame For The Rise In Sexual Dysfunctions?

Whether you admit it or not, there have been “a lot “ of occasions where you surfed the Internet, and checked out various porn sites. And if you think that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting hooked on porn, think again because a team of crack psychiatrists, neuroscientists and doctors from the US Navy (wow, […]

3 Significant Things to Remember When Going for Threesome

Whether you admit it or not, you certainly want to experience threesome. Well, actually, it’s a must in every relationship. According to Escorts Perth Australia, threesome can help couples in exploring the different sides of sex, allowing their sexual relationship to nourish. But if you’re worried about raising the topic to her, you can make […]

4 Reasons Why Women Moan In Bed

When women moan, it is safe to say that they’re loving every second in bed. That, according Escorts Perth Australia, the satisfaction is so good that they just have to let out. While you may know exactly how to make her moan in your own ways, it’s still interesting to understand why they do such. […]

4 Reasons Why Women Moan In Bed

When women moan, it is safe to say that they’re loving every second in bed. That, according Escorts Perth Australia, the satisfaction is so good that they just have to let out. While you may know exactly how to make her moan in your own ways, it’s still interesting to understand why they do such. […]

Escorts Perth Australia – Different Ways to Do the Doggy

Going at it doggy-style is something that both men and women love. For men, there’s something incredibly hot about doing it in behind. For women, they can let go and let passion take control, which can be liberating for some. The ladies at Escorts Perth Australia are no different. However, just because you and your […]

Your Confidential Access For Intense Satisfaction

Sex comes in different forms and dimensions. What can bring pleasure to one could bring pain for the other. It can get complicated but not for the goddesses who know about its twists and turns. The lady seductresses that make the Escorts Perth Australia are the sex goddesses themselves – armed with the knowledge and […]

Simple Tricks for Orgasmic Ultimatums

The portion of her back arches. Her sighs and heavy breathing are licking your urges. Every move you make is like a rap of electrical power to her all too sensitized torso. You’re starting to move like a satisfaction giver delivering gratification to this sexual deity. But then an abrupt panic works to mind – […]

Escorts Perth Australia – The Art of Role Playing

Role-playing is one of the best ideas that could spice up any relationship. For as long as the two of you is willing, then there is nothing that could stop you. Even if you’re married, dating or even if you’re just having sex with an escort, you still need extra fire in the bedroom. Through […]

Kinky Sex Tips by the Escorts of Perth Australia

Do you have sexual fantasies that you want to experience in your lifetime? Are you the kind of man who is adventurous enough to try more than just having vanilla intimacy, because you find that too conventional sex is already boring for you? If YES is your answer, why don’t you take a break and […]

Mistakes to Avoid When Dating an Escort for the First Time

You’re on a business trip to Perth. After a tough day with colleagues, you think of unwinding by dating an escort. But since you don’t have much time to be romantic because soon you’ll be catching your plane back home, you hastily contacted your Escort in Perth Australia and asked to take her out on […]

Lexi: An Exotic Companion for a Unique Experience

Are you itching to get your hands and experience true passion with the best Escorts in Perth, Australia? Let us introduce you to the beautiful Lexi Hendrix – An exotic beauty in Perth. Lexi is a full time Sydney based courtesan, gracing the city of Perth regularly for her local clients. She is a natural […]

Chrystal Rose: A Dazzling Escort in Perth, Australia

One of the most beautiful Escorts in Perth, Australia is the gorgeous Chrystal Rose – a unique Perth escort that you will only find in the city. If you are looking for a one of a kind experience with a woman, she is your girl. At such a young age of 26, Chrystal is open […]

Nikita Midnaith: A Refined Escort in Perth, Australia

You can find many Escorts in Perth, Australia but you can never find one as refined and sophisticated as Nikita Midnaith; a young Perth escort at your service. She is a beautiful 23 year old that only desires to have fun and experience sexual pleasure with her clients. This young lady is a well educated […]

Indulge your Senses with Sasha Mei; Your Resident Asian Escort

Asian women have that natural charm and personality that many western men are just falling for and if that is the case, then our very own Sasha Mei can satiate that need for companionship. This petite Asian Perth escort has it all: the body, the looks and the personality to face her elite clients. Sasha […]

What Do Escorts in Perth Australia Do During Their Spare Time?

Escort in Perth Australia are busy ladies working for hours on their business, dealing with clients, taking calls and constantly checking on leads. But if they have more than enough spare time, they do activities that can be very helpful to their business. Market themselves Escorting is a business and they have to deal with […]

Perth Escorts – Sexy Ladies That Will Fulfill Your Dreams

Every living human being has dreams in their minds. Dreaming for a thing, event or a person is just normal. We all have dreams that lie in the back of our mind. Kids dream about candies, toys and having their own backyard slide. Women, dream about their crushes, clothes and jewelry. Men, on the other […]

Voluptuous Perth Escorts – Experience an Awesome Adventure with Perth’s Sexiest Residents

Perth is known as for its golden beaches and Western Australian wilderness flocked by hundreds of tourists from all over the world. The residents also helpattracts thousands of visitors online by being warm and accommodating to their guests. Besides that, there are residents who give the most awesome experience for their guests and clients. These […]

Perth Escorts – Fulfilling Your Fantasies One Touch at Time

Every man has sexual fantasies in his mind. Deep within the synapses of his brain, his most inner, intimate and forbidden desires are kept. These fantasies vary from one man to another. Some men imagine an intimate time with a hot female neighbor that incinerates his emotions with his manhood ready to erupt like a […]

Escorts in Perth – Explore the Earth’s Vast Wilderness with Our Perth Escorts

Western Australia is home to beautiful beaches and grand sceneries of the golden outback. Its vast collections of lovely places attract about 900,000 tourists every year, making it one of the most visited places on the planet. Moreover, its nightlife also brings happiness to all its residents and visitors because of its lively and festive […]

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