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3 Myths About Female Sexuality That Most Guys Often Think Are True

Most guys today would like to think of female sexuality as something that’s purely romantic and mysterious. Well, the truth is that it’s neither any of the two! Here’s an eye-opening look at 3 popular myths about female sexuality that most guys often think are true, but they should need to stop believing in!

Women Don’t Like Anal Sex

Escorts Perth AustraliaHere’s one myth about female sexuality that doesn’t ring true anymore, and starts to lose its lustre as each day passes by – and it’s the myth that women don’t like anal sex! Well, to be safe, perhaps you should first ask your female friends, as well as your favourite Escorts Perth Australia first, if they really find anal sex pleasurable, because if they do, then you should be happy, very happy!

According to Pornhub’s annual review of how porn is viewed in their website, the term “anal” was actually one of the women viewer’s favourite categories.  This indicates that penetrating the butthole, whether fantasy or reality, is something that women do indeed enjoy!

The Female Sex Drive is Weak

Many guys also wrongly assume that the female sex drive is weak, especially compared to that of the men. This myth is actually quite new, because during the ancient times, the sexes were actually seen as equally passionate, immoral and obscene.

In fact, sex experts say that it wasn’t until the 1700s that a shift was brought about, from female sexual pleasure being viewed as natural to their desire to being seen as sick. Now who says that the discourse on women’s libido is just a staple of the modern era?

The Clitoris is Just a Tiny Button

Some guys still think that the clitoris is just a small, pea-shaped head or button that has relatively no significance during sex. Well, for the uninformed (and the totally dumb) guys out there, the truth is that this tiny button actually has 8,000 nerve endings, and includes two legs (along with two vestibular bulbs), which make it a very crucial tool for making a girl experience explosive orgasms!Perhaps after reading this, your mind would be a little enlightened about the aspects surrounding female sexuality.

And of course, the next time you date the lovely and sultry Escorts Perth Australia, I guess you’ll be quite glad to tell them that you now have a more enlightened look at the aspect of female sexuality!



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